Turnkey Installation

For more than a century people have been using electricity. Transmission &Distribution lines are used to spread electricity to places often far away from where it has been produced.

Today’s demand is still on the increase causing constant modifications, extensions and development of the current networks.

Energya PTS T&D’s turnkey installation includes a detailed process of Civil works, Erection, Stringing, Testing & Commissioning.

Below is a few description of the installation process.

Civil works:

Once the detailed planning has been carried out and the approval process completed, a start can be made with the actual on-site construction work. However, considerable preliminary work is needed before the actual work of erecting overhead lines can begin. This preliminary work includes:
Tree-felling work on routes running through forests Road building work Site facilities (usually about every 20 km), etc


Transmission lines and the structures that support them are key components to any transmission and distribution system. There are many different kinds of transmission structures, and each is designed to meet various power delivery needs and geographic considerations. Assembling and erecting a transmission structure requires planning, teamwork and careful attention to detail. At Energya PTS T&D we make sure that the equipments and tasks commonly used to assemble and erect a tower is of best quality and highest safety characteristics.


Transmission line installation is a complex job that requires extensive planning, careful coordination or manpower and equipment and a thorough mastery of construction procedures and techniques. Energya PTS T&D ensures that the process of permanently attaching a conductor to a string of insulators includes planning the job, pulling wire, sagging wire and clipping-in, which is done by a highly certified and experienced staff.

Testing & commissioning:

Energya PTS T&D carries complete equipment testing and functional relay & controls testing.

We have a full suite of modern test equipments that enables us to do all sorts of different tests.