Designing and Engineering

Throughout the Middle East and Africa, the telecom sector at Energya PTS has performed routedesigning and engineering for long haul and city fiber optic networks.

Our Designing and engineering solutions include:

Along with fully permitted construction detail prints, we can also provide application for construction permits as part of the design process.A customized Material Requirement Sheet is prepared at the completion of the design phase. Meeting your specific requests, the Material Requirement Sheet often includes differentiation of new cabling requirements versus reuse of existing and a comprehensive list of hardware for the network elements, including the support structure.Field notes are scanned and archived as image files and provided as a final project deliverable.As a common practice, any deficiencies in the plant standard can be identified during field data collection.Route engineering includes make-ready recommendations.For underground facility, Energya PTS telecom can provide conduit design, manhole detailing and prepare all forms and documentation for approval of conduit construction or installation.